Zircon MT6 VS Zircon MT7 – Which Stud Finder Is More Powerful?

If you’re looking for a stud finder or metal scanner, Zircon makes some of the best models available. The overall quality and value of their products are celebrated by DIYers and working professionals alike.

Zircon’s popular metal scanners, the MetalliScanner MT6 and MetalliScanner MT7 are metal detectors designed to scan through concrete and any non-metallic surface such as wood, marble, or tile so you can locate things such as:

  • Steel rebar
  • Copper plumbing
  • Cables
  • Pipes
  • Nails in reclaimed wood
  • Tacks
  • Electrical boxes
  • Conduit
  • Any other metal building materials

Scanning for metal will help you know where you can and can’t drill or cut into concrete. This will save you valuable time and money replacing damaged saw blades and drill bits, as well as not damaging important metal building structures.

In this article, we aim to compare the two models to see whether the MT6 or MT7 is superior and which one you should buy for your next job or project.

We’ll go over the features of each, how they are similar and different, and ultimately, which one is better.

Which One Is The Winner

In the interest of saving you some time, let’s go ahead and get the winner out of the way now. We encourage you to keep reading so you can learn some more details about each of these metal scanners.

After all, this is just our opinion. You may come up with your own after reading about the different features of the MT6 and MT7.

We believe the winner between these two Zircon MetalliScanner models is the MT7

We came to this conclusion because while both models serve the same function, have the same accuracy, and are altogether very similar, the MT7 has a few additional features that make it a better value.

For only a small increase in price, the MT7 includes a backlit display and a pivoting handle for less interference and greater reach.

These may seem like small things, but any little feature that can make a job more efficient is well worth it.

Zircon MT6

The Zircon MetalliScanner MT6 is the earlier model of the two and provides some basic features. The MT6 allows you to properly scan concrete for ferrous and nonferrous metals so you can be sure of where you can and can’t cut or drill.

The Zircon MT6 can locate metals up to 6 inches deep in concrete or any other nonmetallic surface.

A series of depth bars visible on the display will indicate the depth of the objects. The closer the unit is to the object, the more depth bars will appear.

When the scanner approaches a metal object, a plus sign (+) will appear as you get closer to the metal object, and a minus sign (-) will appear when the scanner is moving away from the embedded metal object.

A magnet icon indicates whether the scanned metal is ferrous or nonferrous. For ferrous metals, a magnet icon will be visible on the display. For nonferrous metals, the magnet icon will be crossed out indicating non-magnetic metals such as copper plumbing.

The LED screen of the Zircon MT6 can identify objects to the nearest inch. The Zircon MT6 can also be switched to metric measurements if desired.

The Zircon MT6 is a small, lightweight, and compact metal scanner that is perfectly capable of handling the task of locating embedded metal materials on a variety of surfaces.

What we like about the MT6

There are many positive attributes to the MT6. It’s a simple yet effective tool in a small size, which may be all you need for your next project.

The things we like most about the MT6 are:

  • Small, lightweight, and compact size
  • Long battery life

What we don’t like about the MT6

With the positives of the MT6 aside, no tool is perfect.

Some things we don’t like about the MT6 are:

  • Display is hard to read in low light
  • Limited reach because it must be handheld
  • The user’s hands can sometimes interfere with the scanning

These negative aspects don’t make the MT6 useless by any means, but you should definitely keep them in mind when deciding between the MT6 and MT7 models.

Zircon MT7

The Zircon MetaliScanner MT7 is a new and improved upon version of the MT6 with a few added features to make the job easier.

The MT7 can scan any nonmetallic surface such as wood, concrete, or tile for any embedded metal materials.

Utilizing the MT7 removes the need to hire costly scanning professionals or use more complicated and costly metal scanners.

The Zircon MT7 has two scanning modes. The standard mode will scan surfaces up to 3 inches deep, and deep scan mode for depths of up to 6 inches.

For the MT7, the same depth bars as the MT6 indicate the depth of the object, with more bars being shown the closer the unit is to the object. The MT7 unit can also be calibrated for metric or imperial measurements.

A plus sign (+) will appear as the unit gets closer to an embedded object, and a minus sign (-) will appear when the MT7 is moving away from the object.

To precisely locate the metal object under the surface, make two marks. Make one mark where the plus sign first appears, and another when the minus sign first appears after.

The same magnetic icon on the display will appear to indicate a ferrous or non-ferrous metal. This will help you determine what kind of metal is beneath the surface.

Additionally, a pivoting handle is an added feature for the Zircon MT7 that allows for less interference and for extended reach.

The Zircon MetalliScanner MT7 is the new and improved version of the MT6. With a backlit screen, pivoting handle, and a larger, more sturdy design, the MT7 is a true workhorse.

What we like about the MT7

There are plenty of things to like about the MT7. Many of the negative aspects of the MT6 have been taken into account and improved upon for this model.

The things we like about the MT7 are:

  • The pivoting handle allows for more reach and less interference from the user’s hands.
  • The LED-backlit display helps users see the screen in low-light situations.

These additional features that we like about the MT7 played a big part in deciding the MT7 as the winner.

However, the MT7 is not entirely perfect as we’ll explain soon

What we don’t like about the MT7

The MetalliScanner MT7 has a couple of negative attributes you will need to know about before deciding on which model to buy.

The things we don’t like about the MT7 scanner are:

  • Large, heavy, and bulky compared to the MT6
  • Shorter battery life when the LED Backlight is engaged

Even with these downsides, we truly believe the MT7 is the better choice between the two models.

On the other hand, these things may deter you away from the MT7 and towards the MT6 instead. This is fine, as everyone has their preferences. The best model won’t be the same for everyone.

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Similarities Between the MT6 and MT7

There are more similarities than differences between the Zircon MT6 and MT7.

Both the MT6 and MT7 can:

  • Detect metals up to 6 inches deep in any non-metallic surface
  • Differentiate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Indicate the depth of objects to the nearest inch (or centimeter)
  • Plus (+) and minus (-) signs to show how close or far away the unit is from the embedded object
  • Include audio tone to clearly indicate the location of the material, which can be turned off if desired.

These two metal scanner models are very similar, so it may be difficult to decide which one is better. After all, either of these scanners is a worthwhile addition to your next project.

Let’s go through some of the differences between the MT6 and MT7 so you can narrow down which model is best suited for your needs.

Differences Between the MT6 and MT7

As mentioned, the MT6 and MT7 are not all that different, but there are a few differences that may make or break your decision when deciding on which model to buy.

For the MT6, the main difference is compared to the MT7 is the smaller size. Some users may desire a more compact and lighter size to save space in their toolbox, so keep that in mind. Sometimes smaller tools are a welcome feature for many professionals that makes the job less strenuous.

As for the MT7, the primary additional features include:

  • Backlit display for low light conditions
  • Larger size
  • Pivoting handle for less interference and additional reach

Although the added features of the MT7 seem minimal, we think they provide a valuable benefit to its users, especially considering there is not a significant price difference between the two models


If you are in the market for a metal scanner for your next home or building project, buying a quality product is essential.

The right metal scanner will allow you to locate embedded metal objects so you can know precisely where to drill or cut on concrete, wood, tile, or any other nonmetallic surface.

Knowing where to drill or cut and where not to drill or cut will save you countless hours, headaches, and time replacing busted tool components.

Using the proper metal scanner can also save you money on your project by not having to replace broken drill bits and saw blades.

In addition, you won’t have to shell out the additional cost to hire professionals to do the scanning for you.

With all the considerations between the Zircon MetalliScanner MT6 and Zircon MetalliScanner MT7, we believe the MT7 is the superior choice.

For only an additional $10, the MT7 provides some helpful additional features to make the job easier.

While the MT6 is a great product, and many users may prefer it for its smaller size, the additional features of the MT7 are impossible to ignore.

Many construction professionals agree that any small thing you can do to make a job easier and more efficient is worth it, which is precisely why we have chosen the MT7 as the better choice.


Can the Zircon MetalliScanner MT7 scan deeper than the MT6?

No, both the MT6 and MT7 models can scan non-metallic surfaces for metals up to 6 inches deep.

What is the biggest difference between the Zircon MetalliScanner MT6 and MT7?

The biggest difference between the MT6 and the MT7 is the MT7 model has a backlit display, pivoting handle, and is of a larger size. The MT6 model does not include those features.

Does the Zircon MetalliScanner MT6 and MT7 use metric or imperial measurements?

Both the MT6 and MT7 models can be switched to either metric or imperial measurements to suit the needs of the user.

Is the Zircon MetalliScanner MT7 more expensive than the MT6?

Yes, the MT7 will cost more with an average retail price of $189.99, while the MT6 retails at an average price of $179.99

Can the MetalliScanner MT6 and MT7 detect non-ferrous metals?

Yes, both the MT6 and MT7 can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A magnet icon is visible on the display of both models that will indicate ferrous or non-ferrous.

Is the Zircon MetalliScanner MT7 more accurate than the MT6?

Neither model is more or less accurate than the other. Both the MT6 and MT7 models are accurate up to the nearest one-half inch (or 13mm).

Does the Zircon MetalliScanner MT6 have a longer battery life than the MT7?

In most cases, the MT6 will have a longer battery life than the MT7. With the smaller size of the MT6 and the absence of a backlit display, the MT6 will naturally have a longer battery life.

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